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Eyes or Boobs?

Eyes or boobs? Corneas or areolae? Louise Bourgeois’ sculpture, “Eyes” in Battery Park is just like the artist was- cleverly deceiving. I loved how the late Bourgeois sorta looked like someone’s […]

Group On: GROUP Show at Tatiana Pagés Gallery, Harlem

Threads deftly dive between sheets of paper while across the room, stitches hold together a giant plaster heart seemingly suspended in leather skins. Welcome to the wonderful world of GROUP Show […]

Worth a Second Look: A.I.R’s 11th Biennial Exhibit Opens Tonight

A.I.R. gallery, a formative nonprofit space featuring women artists, is hosting its 11th annual biennial exhibit titled “Making and Taking: Pictures Reconsidered”. Stemming from an open call of its thousands […]

Ladies of the House: History From A Feminine Perspective at the Morris-Jumel Mansion

The gorgeous Morris-Jumel Mansion feels like a trip back in time- and as far away from New York City as possible. Wednesday night from 5-8 venture out past the Upper East Side into […]

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