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Edward Hopper’s Upstate Art Center

Edward Hopper lived most of his life at 3 Washington Square North, but he grew up a short drive Upstate in Nyack. His sister Marion stayed in his childhood home, […]

Edward Hopper Seemed Like a Dud

Edward Hopper seemed like a total Debbie Downer. All throughout his life, his depression and negative attitude would make on think he’d never been successful. Yet despite his ‘tude, he […]

Nebraska, the Beauty of Old Age, and the Midwest’s Beautiful Landscapes

A son’s undying understanding and love for his father, Woody Grant, an old drunk who’s losing his mind and on a mission to claim his $1,000,000 prize in Lincoln, Nebraska […]

The Whitney Uncovers Edward Hopper’s Drawings

Edward Hopper was one of the most celebrated American Realist painters in the 20th century. His vast portfolio mostly depicted American life, which made him popular in the States. When […]

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