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Dear Diary: Andy Bauch

I met Andy Bauch through a mutual friend on the internet. That is to say, I’ve never ‘met’ Andy Bauch. We posted an article about his work a couple of […]

Dear Diary: Gordon Holden

One of our latest and greatest artist friends has graciously offered to share a day in his life!  Gordon Holden, whom we featured in a #getit / buy it now […]

Dear Diary: YAO XIAO

I met the super sweet Yao Xiao at a party at Molly Crabapple and Fred Harper’s place this past summer, we shared some chartreuse and talked art. I love her […]

Dear Diary: Brian Donnelly (The Canadian One)

Toronto based artist Brian Donnelly took us through his typical day of painting, Degrassi High and Canadianisms. You can follow him: @bbbriandonnelly

Dear Diary: 1/2 of CHERYL

For today’s Dear Diary, two halves of dynamic foursome CHERYL went out to an artist’s residency at Contemporary Arts Santa Fe, where they created a sort of art-grade ayawaska experience, […]

Dear Diary: Trong Nguyen and Rebecca Reeve

Fellow artists and husband and wife team, Trong Nguyen and Rebecca Reeve shared a super fun day in their lives with us, as Becky embarked to the weird Utah salt flats […]

Dear Diary: Tom Hughes

Our friend Tom Hughes graciously accepted to kick-off our inaugural Dear Diary Seattle edition. Tom documented his whole day. 106 photographs of every aspect of his life from home to […]

Dear Diary: Jud Bergeron

Art Nerd buddy Jud Bergeron told us about how parenthood inspired his Quack Quack project- and then let us in for a day to meet the kiddies that have changed […]

Dear Diary: Vahge

  Our lovely friend and collage artist Vahge is the second artist to take us on a journey into her world for a day, from studio to opening to party! We […]

Dear Diary: Michael Mararian

We’re pleased to announce a new semi-regular feature for On the Inside Tip, called “Dear Diary,” where we ask some of the artists we’re friends with to take us through […]

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