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Lever House Art Collection

Jeff Koons, David LaChapelle, Barbara Krueger, Damien Hirst, EV Day

The Lever House was one of the first glassy skyscrapers to open on Park Avenue, changing the look of the masonry street into a business center in 1952. ┬áNow we […]

Snag a Piece for Your Collection at MTV RE:DEFINE

A bunch of artists we know or like have work up for auction for the new MTV RE:DEFINE 2014 benefit at Dallas Contemporary, but you needn’t go deep in the […]

Whether you like Damien Hirst or not, you have to admit is scarf collaboration with Alexander McQueen is pretty fucking incredible. Maybe Hirst’s dots and butterflies just work better when […]

Great Art in Ugly Rooms

This tumblr is pretty ridiculously awesome…

The Nerdiest Tourist

Show us your Art Nerdy pics from vacation! Here’s Lori at the Tate Modern in front of the giant Hirst near Southbank!  

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