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Between the Door and the Street

Join celebrated artist and feminist, Suzanne Lacy, and hundreds of others as they come together on the steps of Park Place for an “unscripted but meticulously composed” dialogue about the […]

Tribute in Light

Its the day of days for New Yorkers. If you were here 12 years ago, you remember what you were doing, eating, watching, who you were talking to when you […]

Sh*t Art World People Say

Jerry Saltz would love this!! haha Sh*t Art World People Say from Creative Time on Vimeo.

Creative Time x Domino Sugar

Liberation and I attended Creative Time‘s annual gala on Tuesday- this year honoring Julian Schnabel, and more excitingly at the abandoned Domino Sugar Refinery on Williamsburg. They’re going to turn […]

Dick Cavett isn’t Dead

Tonight Liberation and I are off to the Creative Time Gala honoring Julian Schnabel at the forever abandoned Domino Sugar Refinery in Williamsburg (which is about to become a mixed-use […]

Art Nerd New York’s Roundup of Spring Gala Fever

Is it me or is the New York Art World stricken with Gala Fever this April?  This month is packed with Warhol-inspired arts benefits, auctions and parties from an amazing […]

Nick Cave’s HEARD•NY

Photograph by Travis Magee, Courtesy Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit

Grand Central Terminal is celebrating its centennial with Nick Cave’s HEARD•NY, a magical installation/performance project running March 25-31, 2013. HEARD•NY is presented by Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit. […]

Performance Artist Nick Cave

Let the Wild Rumpus Start! Performance Artist Nick Cave is bringing his mesmerizing sound-suits to Grand Central as part of their 100th year celebration. His performance piece (HEARD-NY) will feature thirty […]

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