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Fragments of Infinity: Douglas Gordon at Park Avenue Armory

The lighting scheme from MoMA’s Rain Room (2013). Fragmented musical scores realized on broken player pianos. Once the initial disorientation was overcome, the recently closed Park Ave Armory exhibition tears become…streams become… by Douglas Gordon offered visitors fragmented silence and an […]

Exotic Matter: Nick Thomm’s show Tropic Glows at Castle Fitzjohns

Some immediate impressions are conjured during a walk through Nick Thomm’s Tropic Glow: neon lights and bold patterns reference the early 90s current resurgence in popular culture, a Georgia O’Keefe motif […]


Encountering Nonuments, the Lance Fung-curated portion of Washington DC’s monumental 5×5 Projects (Sept-Dec 2014), the casual visitor experiences a sense of disorientation. On one side you have your newly minted […]

Kim Alsbrook’s ‘My White Trash Family’ Series

First time I laid eyes on this series was at PULSE Art Fair. It was a instant – stop – stare – obsess moment. The moment when the art speaks […]

A Round Up of Artists on Instagram

Mindlessly double-tapping through Instagram can quickly turn into a black hole of nail art, puppies in costumes, and half-naked Rihanna. Looking for a more cultured and entertaining 20 minute diversion? […]

El Anatsui: Gravity and Grace @ Brooklyn Museum

Amemo (Masks of Humankind)

El Anatsui’s Gravity and Grace inspires as much as it leaves its viewers in awe. The colorful, large-scale wall sculptures made of appropriated items–ranging from alcohol caps to tin can lids–and Anatsui’s […]

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