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Cindy Sherman and Colette talk about the days of Soho’s artistic enclave! Love it.  

VIDEO: Colette, Valentine Window 1980 NYC

Loving this clip from Colette Maison Lumiere aka Justine doing one of her window installations on Valentine’s Day 1980 to promote one of her LP Beautiful Dreamer at Record City […]

Colette Closing Party

I snuck in on a rainy day to see Colette’s exhibition at IFAC at the Yard on Bowery. Now you have one more chance to experience her world, with a […]

VIDEO: Colette Vs Lady Gaga

In January of 2012, Lady Gaga “designed” a window for Barney’s…that looked almost exactly like some of Colette the Artist’s incredible window installations in the late 70s/early 80s, specifically a […]

Homage to Colette

Everyone knows how inspired I am by the incredible Colette- she dazzled by using shop windows as the venue for her art installations and performances, triggered endless fashionistas with her […]

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