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Broken + Weathered Wood Jewelry by Ashley Gilreath

We are thrilled to welcome recent Philadelphia transplant, Ashley Gilreath to our roster of artists here at Art Star.  Ashley graduated from East Caroline University in North Carolina with her BFA in […]

Block Printed Bags by Chouchette – GET IT!

Chouchette began in Turkey with the mission of fostering collaboration between contemporary artists and traditional artisans to produce high quality contemporary accessories by utilizing an ancient wood block printing method, developed […]

Handpainted Signs by The Maple Ridge – BUY IT NOW!

Profess your love of Chocolate Croissants, Spaghetti, the Circus and more with this line of hand painted signs by Philadelphia artist Andrew Zangerle of The Maple Ridge.  Each sign features […]

“The Swimming Lesson” by Ryan Myers – BUY IT NOW!

We love New York based artist Ryan Myers’ cute yet slightly twisted drawings of little children up to no good.  In the piece titled “The Swimming Lesson”, a little boy […]

Hot Tots! for kids, babies & adults – BUY IT NOW!

Who doesn’t like hot tots?!  Show yours off in our adorable new line of shirts/tanks for adults & children.  We created these with New Jersey based screen printer, Bryan Sculthorpe […]

Illustrated Necklaces by Julianna Swaney for Art Star – Buy It Now!

Portland, OR based artist Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier! illustrates dreamy scenes in watercolor and gouache that evoke memories of old folk tales.  We teamed up with her to […]

Horned Llama Lleer by Horrible Adorables – Buy This Now!

No animals were hurt in the making of Jordan Perme’s line of faux taxidermy that are aptly named Horrible Adorables. Each creature is sculpted from styrofoam and then covered in […]

Buy It NOW (or I will)! Art Nerd New York Edition

Note from the Editor ~ This post kicks-off of a new series of posts about amazing deals on original artwork available, curated by our teams of amazing artnerds! Look for […]

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