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VIDEO: Bjork Mutual Core in Times Square

Bjork’s turn at Midnight Magic in 2013 was the coolest. Mutual Core made Times Square it’s bitch for the month of March last year- relive the magic below!


While you’re reading this, I am checking out the press preview of Bjork’s new solo exhibition at MoMA (I’d hate me too). The folks at Volkswagen created an augmented audio […]

VIDEO: I Can’t Wait! Bjork Releases Black Lake for her MoMA show next week

I thank my lucky stars daily for my access to art exhibitions and parties, and sometimes I’m just a little MORE thankful…like now, in anticipation for Bjork’s exhibition at MoMA […]

Bjork is Art

Bjork is art in so many ways…love this spread


Oh my god I miss the days of MTV music videos- like really. I remember waiting hours to catch The Sugarcubes “Hit” or Love Shack or any of the other […]

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