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Beau Stanton and David Shillinglaws Mugs for SCOPE New York

Oh hey! We’re putting out some coffee ( Beau Stanton) vs tea mugs( David Shillinglaw) for our US/UK Scope booth “We’re Speaking the Same Language” with 1882ltd. What do you think?

UK vs US: We’re Speaking the Same Language? at SCOPE New York!

ITS ALL HAPPENING! We are gearing up for SCOPE New York in just a few weeks. (holy crap I have a lot to do). We hope to see you all […]

VIDEO: Studio Visit with Beau Stanton by Roger Smith Hotel

Our friends at Roger Smith Hotel paid Beau Stanton a visit in his Red Hook studio to investigate his inspirations for his first animation piece, A Precarious Voyage, which is […]

Art Nerdy Gifts (for You, or You Know, a Loved One)

Tis the season for buying a lot of crap for jerks, so I say buying art and arty goodies is the way to help support your favorite artists, while giving […]

Beau Stanton at Roger Smith Hotel- through January

Most New Yorkers don’t stay in hotels in their own city, but as the holidays approach you may want to direct your visiting family to the family-owned Roger Smith Hotel […]

Beau Stanton Opening at Roger Smith Tonight

Please join me tonight for a mega opening at the Roger Smith Hotelon 47th and Lex. They’ve asked me to curate a video for their in-room Channel 36, naturally I’ve […]

Message in a Bottle at Scope Art Show Miami

Hello from sunny Florida! We are killin’ it in our booth here in Miami! It came out so amazingly thanks to the expert design skills of Beau Stanton and Chantel […]

Message in a Bottle Sneak Peek

I’m probably in flight down to our booth at SCOPE Art Show- so excited! We’re still working hard (there’s no time like the last minute) but here are some of […]

Message in a Bottle at Scope Miami

I’m very excited for the booth I curated for Scope Miami, opening December 2nd. Message in a Bottle explores the romantic history of blindly throwing messages to sea, leaving it […]

We Has News

Hey Art Nerds! We have a bunch of exciting events and special projects coming up!  If you are in Seattle this weekend for theAffordable Art Fair, please stop by our […]

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