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#GETIT I Want To Be Here Series by The Maple Ridge

I thought this new series by Andrew Zangerle of The Maple Ridge would be appropriate on this #@$% FREEZING day.  His sparkly painted mountainscapes and floral covered meadows have got […]

2014 Artist Calendar Round Up

We created two Art Star Exclusive 2014 Calendars this year with Jamie Fales of Noosed Kitty and Minnesota based artist Amy Rice.  Each calendar features a full color image that accompanies each month […]

Dear Diary: Gordon Holden

One of our latest and greatest artist friends has graciously offered to share a day in his life!  Gordon Holden, whom we featured in a #getit / buy it now […]

I Don’t Like Mondays

London-based artist, Ben Turnbull’s wood pieces are among some of my favorites – his fascination with American culture is so fully realized with his desk series, I Don’t Like Mondays. More […]

Dear Diary: Tom Hughes

Our friend Tom Hughes graciously accepted to kick-off our inaugural Dear Diary Seattle edition. Tom documented his whole day. 106 photographs of every aspect of his life from home to […]

Hollis Hart’s Cardboard Art

The best catches are the stumbled upon – that’s how I fell into the work of LA based artist, Hollis Hart. It’s Seussically Burtonesque and there’s the turn on…if you’re into […]

Erin M Riley’s Tapestries

Right now I’m addicted to keeping up with the Instagram account of Philadelphia based artist, Erin M. Reily. On which, she showcases her hand woven tapestry that will break the preconceived […]

BAL Studio Visit with Korakrit Arunanondchai

Interview by Lucia Love Mooney-Martin; Studio Visit Photographs by Anastasia Loginova The streets of Bushwick are grey in the depths of winter. They’re pretty grey in the summer too, but […]

[VIDEO] BERLIN ART LINK SERIES: Interview with Fayçal Baghriche

BAL “On the Road Series”: FAYÇAL BAGHRICHE from Berlin Art Link on Vimeo. Interview by Mara Satore (My Art Guide) Filming/Editing by Peter Cairns In Dubai; Thursday, June 14, 2012 […]

Portraits by Carter Kustera

I used to work with Carter Kustera‘s wife Anna back in the day and am really happy he’s been doing great things with AOL & Barneys. Check out his new […]

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