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Beau Stanton x Last Rites x Artfetch

Just a few weeks left to catch Beau Stanton’s Arcane Archetypes at Last Rites Gallery. (closes August 10th) Check out my review on Artfetch! Lori Zimmer takes a first look […]

Popcorn Time

I just did a round up of good arty movies for Artfetch- check em all out here. We can gaze upon an artist’s piece to get a glimpse into their […]

Team Frieze or Team Armory?

Just in time for my visit to Frieze today, Artfetch has posted my opinionated drawl on the fairs second invasion to the isle of Randall. Read on, and let me […]

Trong Gia Nguyen

We love you Trong Gia Nguyen! You were our pick yesterday for ArtFetch with your sassy self pleasuring ping pong table!

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