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“Then She Did “Swoon, Lady Pink, Allison Sommers, Joanne Leah, Janette Beckman,…

Curators Lori Zimmer and Melissa McCaig-Welles are pleased to present “Then She Did”, a mixed media group exhibition opening Saturday March 3rd from 6-10pm at The Plaxall Gallery LIC, featuring […]

Join me Thursday for Escape, curated by Lori Zimmer at the Roger Smith Hotel

I hope you can join me this Thursday in the penthouse of The Roger Smith Hotel (501 Lexington at 47th) from 6:30-8:30 for “Escape,” a series of films by Alexandra […]

Alexandra Momin in Ventus Calidus

Artist Alexandra Momin, who I’ll be showing in a video art project next month, will also be featured in Ventus Calidus (which looks like a collection of artists using dreamy […]

VIDEO: Alexandra Momin’s “Breathe” is the New York Behind my Eyelids

The reason I travel is so often is that New York doesn’t allow me to slow down.  Even if I’m in my bed in Brooklyn, my head never stops, combing […]

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