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Swoon + Braddock Tiles at Doyle

This Wednesday, Doyle New York‘s show room will be taken over by artist Swoon and her Braddock Tiles project. The pop up exhibition features the work of 70 artists and portraits by Swoon. Go support!


The Heliotrope Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recently founded by the artist Swoon to further the values and vision of her community-based work. Braddock Tiles, one of the projects created and supported by Swoon, is a ceramics workshop founded by Swoon in a formerly-abandoned church in North Braddock, Pennsylvania. The basement workshop will hire and train local young adults to hand make 20,000 beautifully colored roofing tiles which will give the church a landmark new roof – the first step in building a community arts center.

To raise funds for the project, Swoon has enlisted the help of over 70 of her fellow artist friends (including Shepard Fairey, Dustin Yellin, Molly Crabapple, Ricky Powell, and others), who have donated images of their own work that are printed digitally (in unsigned editions of 250) then sold at $45 each. All proceeds from sales of these prints go entirely to the Braddock Tiles project.

You can see the full set of Braddock Prints by visiting the site:

On October 14, they will release the latest group of Braddock Tiles prints along with a soiree, exhibition & sale at Doyle Auction House in New York. The exhibition will include the first line of ceramic tiles designed by Swoon and produced by Braddock Tiles’ artisans in North Braddock, PA. The exhibition will also include Swoon’s signature larger-than-life portraits of Braddock residents as well.

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