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The Final Countdown to a Surrealist New Year’ Eve

Just a few more days til the ball! My guests get $99 general admission tix using code ROXYGUEST99 our Surrealist ball for NYE!

Surrealist Dress Code Strongly Encouraged, But Not Mandatory *There will also be a grab bag of Surrealist Looks which can be acquired from the front door with the purchase of a ticket. First come first serve for these looks.

Hosted by
KENNY KENNY! Bad Brilliance​ Bullett Magazine​ Franco Lacosta​ Jeff WIlliams, Katerina Simonova​ Troupe Muffinhead Lori Zimmer, Luke Neo CampNatalie Kates​ Tziporah Salamon, with music by
The Dolls
Mia Moretti and Margot
Andrew Andrew
Franco V
Alix Brown

Book now through December 25 using code ROXYGUEST99 for $99 General Admission tickets.


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