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Studio of Jasper Johns

Built in 1912, the neo-classical gem on the corner of Essex and Houston was originally the Provident Loan Society, long before becoming the long time studio space of famed painter and printmaker, Jasper Johns. It was here that Johns created much of his iconic work, holding court in the sprawling  building from 1967-1988.


After Johns’ departure to Connecticut, the space became a series of nightclubs, including a the most recent edition, Element, which I had the displeasure of going to sometime in the early 2000s with a group of raver friends from the 1990s who were trying to keep the rave dream alive. Sadly, the building is now slated to have another ugly glassy residential tower constructed over it, leaving us to think- why didn’t anyone think to landmark this beaut before? It is apparently being considered, fingers crossed…


Who: Jasper Johns

What: Studio, 1967-1988

Where: 225 East Houston

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