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Social Justice, Social Art: Restoring Honor to the Oscar Lopez Rivera Mural in East Harlem

Oscar Lopez Rivera : an iconic Puerto Rican community activist whose presence was significantly felt in both New York and Chicago. His legacy lives on here in New York City at the 107th street and 3rd Ave mural in East Harlem–but lately, the mural was damaged by vandalism. Justice may be blind, but in this case, Rivera shouldn’t be. His blinded visage is a blight on the spirit of this iconic neighborhood, and both East Harlem Preservation and the Historic Districts Council are partnering to restore this mural and return dignity to Rivera’s image.

Vandalized Oscar Lopez Rivera mural at 107th Street & 3rd Ave

Vandalized Oscar Lopez Rivera mural at 107th Street & 3rd Ave

Tonight, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm the East Harlem Preservation is partnering with local artists Natalie del Villar, Marthalicia Matarrita, Xen Medina, and Carlito Rovira to hold a live art fundraising event at the East Harlem Cafe (104th & Lexington Ave) to ensure that the mural is re-invigorated and protected for generations to come. This landmark mural, which has served as a gathering place for Puerto Rican and social justice advocates across the City and beyond, will be supported in large part by the public who are celebrating with East Harlem Preservation tonight. Come and celebrate the legacy of East Harlem’s “streets as canvases” and the ongoing influence of political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera’s legacy as a hero for the East Harlem community and beyond..!

View down toward East Harlem Cafe, hosting tonight's Fundraiser

View down toward East Harlem Cafe, hosting tonight’s Fundraiser

More details on the fundraising event here:

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