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Simon WG Butler for Message in a Bottle

Simon WG Butler_Titanic_2013

The pieces for my Message in a Bottle booth with QF Gallery at Scope Miami are starting to roll in. Here’s Simon WG Butler‘s- a piece fit for the Jane Hotel! Cue Celine Dion

Simon WG Butler
Retired postage stamps, resin, glass bottle, wax seal
31.5cm x 8cm x 8cm
Simon WG Butler, is a 24 year old artist from London. He primarily works with retired postage stamps, manipulating their depictions of historical events to explore a variety of viewpoints and theories of particularly contentious subjects. His work also expresses a mourning of the physical, tangible forms of communication that are being lost as society moves into an increasingly digital age.
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  1. I LOVE THIS Simon Butler LOVE THIS

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