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SEE ME Partayyyyy

Our friend Andrew Jeffrey Wright is tres busy this week, with his performance at Clocktower last tues and now this weekend at the See Me space in LIC (its literally right next to Court Square so don’t get scared). See Me is showing us what its got with a multimedia party time event starting at 8pm for some serious partying.

Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk

(space generously provided by See | Me )

Music starts promptly at 830pm

Faten Kanaan (830pm)
Arabwave. Lush dark layers of live-looped synths and prog desert-scapes. Drawing inspiration from film scores, 70s dystopic sci-fi, and both historical & contemporary Arab Culture; the music explores themes of Orientalism, Self vs. Other, and dreams of a post-political era.


Maya Hayuk and Andrew Deutsch (9pm)
Maya and Andrew will probably play some covers of songs you either love or hate. We love Maya and Andrew.


The nEw DReaMZ (930pm)
Featuring Dirty Fingers print maker extraordinaire Andrew Jeffrey Wright and team partner Rose Luardo, this comedic duo will have you laughing your pants off. And we fully support dropping trou at our art show. Fresh off a residency at Clocktower Gallery,their skitz will be finely de-tuned to tickle your most awkward funny bone.


Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav) (10pm)
One of the print makers in Dirty Fingers, we are excited to have Tim do a rare solo performance that could happily range from modular synth drone out jams to freestyle kaossilator beats and tweaking a Cuica (the high pitched drum and not the small Portuguese Opossum it is named after)Or maybe he will play the animal actually? You will just have to come to find out.


Baby Aspirin DVD (1030pm)
Cordey plays dance-able noise music. Heavy synths by a big nerd lost in “reality”.

BOVEDA (11pm)
Brooklyn’s Psych jammers will play a special set featuring Mindy Abovitz from Tom Tom Magazine, rightfully hittin the skins. (the drums that is) Woot woot.

PLUS Kelie Bowman will be in town so you gotta come out and say hiiiii!!

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