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Kettle of Fish

What is now Esperanto Café was once the original home of Kettle of Fish bar. In the 1960s the Beat writers and Warhol crowd hung here. Edie Sedgwick met Bob Dylan here, during the time she was pulling away from Warhol and just before she killed herself. She also met Bobby Neuwirth here, and starred with Dylan and Salvador Dali in Neuwirth’s film “A Light Look.” Jack Kerouac was once beat up outside.

The bar moved twice, and is now on Christopher Square next to the Stonewall Inn (and across from George Segal’s Gay Liberation Monument)- and was recreated for the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis. It’s a fun divey spot that doesn’t feel like the touristy area of 7th Avenue South around it. Rather than Beat poets, artists and muses, expect cheap beer, sports fans and awkward dates. Oh, New York.

Kerouac in front of Kettle of Fish by Jerry Yulsman- now used as a GAP ad.

Kerouac in front of Kettle of Fish by Jerry Yulsman- now used as a GAP ad.

Who: Beat writers and Warholites

What: Kettle of Fish (original location)

Where: 114 Macdougal Street New York, NY 10012


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