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Sculptural Escape Off 57th Street


Sometimes I really love Midtown- I know, its not “cool” but whatever, there are some great hidden gems there, and the lack of coolness make them authentic. Take for example the pedestrian walkway between West 56th and West 57th between 5th and 6th avenues- a little sculpture park escape just a block from the tourist swarms. Lining the short cut are a rotating display of large scale sculptures- with pieces by Botero, Tom Otterness and others. (unlike the golden dong nearby at TimeWarner Center, this one is weirder, with a swan seemingly with bad breath trying to make out with a dude). The walkway was part of a rezoning in the 1980s as a way for Midtown workers to get short cuts through the busy streets, and are also known as POPS- privately owned public spaces. The 57th Street POPs juts up against an art world staple, Marlborough Gallery.

DSC05807 DSC05805 DSC05800 DSC05799

Who: Botero, Otterness

What: Sculptural Walkway

Where: Halfway between 57th + 56th Streets

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  1. Svetlana says:

    Hi Gabrielle, Sure would like to hear some more about music in NYC. Do you know Nicki Parrott? If you don’t she is an Aussie playing bass for the top gurops over there. She plays a lot with Rossano Sportiello and Harry Metz. It would be good if you could dig out some of the muso’s over there and interview them.Cheers for now,John R. (Melbourne) Home of good music.

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