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Sarah Sze, Blueprint for a Landscape

The long awaited 2nd Avenue Subway line is finally open, which means a bevy of new public art for our enjoyment. Sarah Sze was one of the first artists chosen for the project in 2009 from a list of 300 artists. The incredible installation spans across 14,000 square feet of tile, depicting elements of New York-sheets of paper, scaffolding, birds, trees, and foliage, which unfold in a composition that follow the energy of the new commuter hub. Each entrance is adorned with a different shade of blue tile, making the commute home seem like an immsersive artistic experience. The tiles installation was made by Sarah Sze Studio, Alcalagres, and Estudio Cerámico.

Who: Sarah Sze

What: Blueprint for a Landscape

Where: 2nd Avenue Subway line, 96th Street Station

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  1. […] as I get on the train, I see this great poem by Billy Collins called “Subway” with a piece from Sarah Sze’s incredible “Blueprint for a Landscape”, which is visible in full glory along the walls of the 96th […]

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