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Salon Demimonde at Velvet Brooklyn

The art salon may be an antiquated notion, but in our ridiculously digitized daily lives, I think is needed more than ever. Mixing and throwing around ideas with fellow creatives is a much needed way to feel alive, inspired, and like an actual person. Tomorrow night, organizer Tayannah McQuillar‘s second installation of Salon Demimonde kicks off at 6:30 at Velvet, which is right next to Peter Luger’s in Williamsburg. It is totally free, but make sure you rsvp to 


New York, NY- April 16 – Tayannah McQuillar is pleased to announce the second meeting of Salon Demimonde at The Velvet Lounge located at 174 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11211 in historic Williamsburg. Salon Demimonde will meet once a month on Thursdays from

Salon Demimonde is a gathering of “bon vivants” with interests in a broad range of topics related to the arts, culture, philosophy and esoterica with the purpose to amuse, refine and increase the knowledge of participants. Since the 17th century, Salons have provided a safe place for intellectuals to exchange ideas. Today, Salons have enjoyed a resurgence, as people rebel against an entirely digitized existence. Salon participants are people that believe eye contact and in-person conversation should never go out of style.

The format is simple. Our speaker will share their point of view on the selected topic, after which the Salonniere will open the floor for questions and comments. As attendees listen, thoughts will begin to form and they will share their perspective until everyone is engaged in a spirited dialogue.

We are delighted to welcome our second speaker, John Keegan, with whom we will discuss the art of romance and seduction. This is a topic that must draw from the psychology of sex, biology, archetypes, spirituality and the personal experiences of participants.

John Keegan is an award-winning dating coach and Founder of The Awakened Lifestyle. He has worked with clients from New York to Los Angeles, Paris to Rio de Janeiro. John is a frequent contributor to Men’s HealthCosmopolitan, and Marie Claire on the topic of dating, relationships, and lifestyle. John has been featured in The New York TimesMarie ClaireHumans of New YorkNew York Magazine, and has made appearances on Fox and FriendsLisa Oz, and other TV shows around the world.

Tayannah McQuillar was raised in midtown Manhattan and graduated from City College of NY with a degree in cultural anthropology. She is the founder of Demimonde Public Relations, a playwright and author.

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  1. Is this open to anyone?

  2. yes just rsvp to reserve a spot!

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