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Salmagundi Club

Originally on the edge of Greenwich Village, the Salmagundi Art Club was founded way back in 1871, and has been consistently hosting artists and exhibitions since. The club, originally called the New York Sketch Class, started as a sketch class at Jon Hartley’s home, and moved to its landmarked location in 1917. It was renamed Salmagundi after Washington Irving’s papers, meaning “many ingredients” (and also referring to a stew once served in the club’s cafe). The 140 year old club is home to three galleries, a library, restaurant, bar, vintage pool tables and preserved period parlor, all available to the 850 members. Preserving the long tradition of art salons and providing a gathering place for ideas, the club has over 1,500 works from its years in operation, with many on display.

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I love how New York still holds onto tradition, with clubs like these. It’s brownstone home, built in 1852, was originally for the president of Pennsylvania Coal. Many of the interior rooms are decorated with palettes donated by painters of the past- kinda cool, no? The club opens its doors for exhibitions- make sure to take advantage to take a glimpse into the history of artists in New York.


What: Salmagundi Art Club

Where: 47 5th Ave

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