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Roy Lictenstein’s Time Square Mural

Another oversized Roy Lichtenstein piece is free for everyone to see- in the 42nd Street subway station. Just called “Times Square Mural,” The piece is huge- 6 feet high and 53 feet long. The subject is appropriately the history of New York transportation, ranging from the building of the subway in 1904 to a super winged community space ship, overlooked by Buck Rogers, in front of swirly skyscrapers.

Specially made for the MTA, the mural was made in 1994, just three years before Lichtenstein died. The station was meant to be redesigned, and so the mural lay in storage until the MTA realized construction was not going to happen, and it was installed in 2002.

Although the station is always ridiculously (and annoyingly) busy, next time you’re there take a second to look at the entire chronologic narrative, and experience the life long New Yorker’s homage to the daily commute.

Who: Roy Lichtenstein

What: Times Square Mural

Where: 42nd Street MTA station

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