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Rose Valland- OG Art Nerd

Rose Valland was probably the most important art nerd in history. During the Nazi occupation of Paris, the mousy Valland was the overseer of the Jeu de Paume museum. The Nazis used the museum as their headquarters for the looting of art masterpieces that they plundered from across France. Unbeknownst to the Nazis, Miss Valland understood German perfectly. As shipments of art work came into the museum to be sorted and sent off to storage or Nazi official’s private collections, Valland would go home and record all she could remember in a notebook: what artworks came in, who they were stolen from, and where they were going. She passed on the information to the French Underground, notifying them to let Nazi trains full of looted French artworks pass through unscathed. She risked her life day in and day out, and is responsible for secretly recording the whereabouts of 20,000 pieces of art, which were located after the war was over.

Vive La Art Nerd!

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