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Ron English’s Temper Tot

Could Ron English’s muscly Temper Tot be just the goon that Little Italy needs to threaten the bully Chinatown? The three story veiny kid looms over all who dare to park in a lot in the thick of Little Italy’s signature kitsch. English’s awesome mural was placed on Mulberry Street as part of the New York Comedy Festival, and is still hanging around, to intimidate the encroaching Chinatown that has been swallowing up the cliche Italian hood little by little each year.


Who: Ron English

What: Temper Tot Mural

Where: Mulberry Street


2 Responses to “Ron English’s Temper Tot”
  1. Ron English’s Temper Tot: Ron English’s Temper Tot is looming over whats left of Little Italy. The three story m…

  2. @ronenglishart Ron English’s Temper Tot attempts to protect the dwindling Little Italy from the encompassing Chinatown

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