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Rediscovering my Creativity with Lotta Jansdotter and Blick

Writing about art day in and day out, I often forgot how making art myself can be incredibly motivating and inspirational. Last week I was treated to an afternoon to reignite my creative juices, at the hands of Lotta Jansdotter, a pattern and textile designer I’ve long admired. Presented by Materials for the Arts, an EPIC warehouse of free art supplies for New York non-profits, and Blick Art Materials in Soho, myself and a small group of would-be artists (and kids) got out of the office for the afternoon to get our hands dirty with handmade DIY printing projects.



I’ve loved Lotta’s work since I purchased a gift card set a zillion years ago, and was super excited that she’ll soon be using her patterns for wearable items (so obviously I jumped at the chance to take an afternoon off to meet her!)

not mine- better than mine

not mine- better than mine

After a bit of sloppiness, I made an adorable card set out of a block print made from thin rope and wood, a cool hand printed tote, and some letterpress. It was energizing and satisfying to get away from my keyboard and screen and get my hands dirty…with ink. I returned to my writing hole with a new perspective, and ready to tear into a list of work with the voracity I hadn’t felt in a long time.


I highly suggested breaking your incessant work habits to go out and make one of Lotta’s DIY projects yourself- it is more energizing to productivity than a triple latte.

Thanks so much to Blick, Materials for the Arts and of course Lotta Jansdotter for hosting me!

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