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Ray Geary on ArtFetch

My latest pick for ArtFetch is Ray Geary, whose work you can see at the Parlor Gallery booth at SCOPE NY.

Or should that be the other way around? Lori Zimmer gets excited by the work of Ray Geary for the Monday Pick.

Most artists start their creative endeavors at a young age, obsessively drawing and painting their way through elementary school until the day comes to get shipped off to art school. But Ray Geary’s journey into the arts began after years of being on the other side of the coin — as an art collector. Inspired by the collection of pieces by other artists he amassed, Geary began trying his own hand just three years ago.


Although not formally educated, Geary formulated his own vision, using the artists in his collection as his teachers, and using their creations to make the art he wanted to see. Working primarily in metal and resin, Geary’s provoking work has already caught the attention of galleries in New York and Europe, a feat that may be frowned upon by artists taking the long route.


But good art is good art, and collectors are drawn to Geary’s sunny contrast on things like brass knuckles, bullets and pills. Each of his pieces have a duality, addressing themes like military power and influence, but presented in a perfectly polished resin float and bright colors. Brass knuckles are filled with candy colours, belying their former violent use and turning them into a design element in a beautiful mosaic. Crucifixes glitter and glisten with densely packed bullets, in a critical homage to the relationship between the church and military support. His use of materials otherwise used in violent acts reveals his concern for America’s fixation on war and weaponry, brought to our astute attention in the way Americans know best — with glitz and sparkles.

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