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Prints by Jillian Nickell #GETIT

Freelance illustrator, Jillian Nickell, creates beautiful, limited edition screen prints out of her home studio in Chicago. Her printed layers of color brilliantly convey form + texture. Her imagery is both funny and smart, which is what I love most about her work. Pick a few up to adorn your home or office walls. Each will run you just between 20-40 bucks.

"Trampoline Print" a 4 color screen print on 10 x 20" french cream paper / $35

“Say Cheese” / 8×10″ 4 color print on French Insulation Pink paper / $20

Jillian Nickell Pie

“A Slice of Pi” / An 8×10″ 5 color screen print on French Whip Cream paper / $20

Jillian Nickell Trampoline

“Trampoline” / A 4 color screen print on 10 x 20 french cream paper / $35

Check out our entire collection of Jillian’s prints here.

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