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Present Memories: the Art of Agnieszka Zak-Bielowa

Pink Shawl from “Chusta” series (2016), Agnieszka Zak-Bielowa (image credit to artist)

Contemporary realism has its fair share of disciples, but perhaps none are as earnest as artist Agnieszka Zak-Bielowa. Based in Warsaw, Poland, the artist’s current “Chusta” series is on view during Frieze NY in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The artwork embraces nostalgia and a rich sense of heritage with a refreshed color palette of vibrant hues. Her work maintains a stunning relevancy: in an age where glitch and meme art have gained traction, Zak-Bielowa’s slow and thoughtful compositions afford the viewer a new spin on the timeless still-life.

Blue Shawl from “Chusta” series (2016), Agnieszka Zak-Bielowa (image credit to artist)

Zak-Bielowa is an established artist in Europe, having shown across Poland, Italy, and Germany. She makes her foray into Frieze NY with the exhibit “S.CARF in the wind”, curated by Sylwia Kolowiecka and produced with support provided by Polish Culture Institute New York. The show is an opportunity for an expanded audience to view the rich and bold patterns spanning her newest work. The subtle strength of the humble shawl is revealed with new significance in Zak-Bielowa’s works, where this ordinary object is transported to a place of memory and imagination. Zak-Bielowa manages the weight of these concepts with a sense of gentle grace and movement. Her shawls dance, shaking off the weight of representation through a smart adaption of pop stylings.

Shawl #8 from “Chusta” series (2016), Agnieszka Zak-Bielowa (image credit to artist)

Come visit “SCAR.F in the Wind” at Emmanuel Fremin gallery, 547 W 27th #510: opening reception Thursday May 4th (works on view May 1-7) and subsequently at the Hollows in Williamsburg, 151 Bedford with an opening May 10 (works on view May 8-15).

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