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Pondering a Wicked Problem at EFA Project Space

What happens when an art exhibit falls apart? Can a new and better concept rise from the ashes?


The Emptiness of Being (EFA Project Space: Floor Plan)

The Emptiness of Being (EFA Project Space)

This is one of several conundrums raised by A Wicked Problemopening Friday Nov 14 from 6-8 at EFA Project Space. When a proposed exhibit at the space fell through, show organizers decided to present an open call to artists, curators and the general public asking for exhibition concepts relating to specific themes such as Piranesian scale and multiple viewpoints. A Wicked Problem draws its name from the term used both in social policy and the design world to indicate a problem without a readily given answer. Curating an exhibition, instead of solving a problem, in fact raises new issues for visitors to respond to and internalize.

In response to the open call, fifteen selected exhibits are included in the show by a jury including Larissa Harris, Curator at the Queens Museum; Naima Keith, Assistant Curator at the Studio Museum in Harlem; Prem Krishnamurthy of P! & Project Projects;  and David Senior from the MoMA Library. Selected projects include an in-situ sinkhole, an animal hotel & gallery, an amusement park, and my own project taking snowflakes as a platform for exhibiting prints.


Ephemeral Constructs, print on snowflake (Audra Lambert)

Ephemeral Constructs, print on snowflake (Audra Lambert)

Participants will be on hand to discuss their projects with visitors, who in many cases will be encouraged to explore the work up close. All of the proposals received in response to the open call will be up for perusal at the show as well. Come out and support get to know the exhibit’s contributors, who are attending tonight’s opening from near and far.

A Wicked Problem (formerly entitled ‘The Theoretical Show’) will be on view from Wednesdays through Saturdays, 12pm-6pm from the opening Fri, Nov 14 until Dec 20.



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