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Pick One opens at (harbor) in collaboration with Regina Rex

The Lower East Side is no stranger to leading the way for the contemporary art world, and (harbor), a self-proclaimed “space-within-a-space”, has partnered with former neighbors Regina Rex to welcome the new year with a fresh collection of ground-breaking works. The site’s re-launch kicks off with the group show Pick One, opening this Sunday, January 11 from 6-8 pm at 221 Madison Street. Regina Rex’s members have worked with (harbor), each recommending an artist for a total of 15 artists included in the space’s first exhibit of 2015. The salon-style installation allows artists including Amanda Friedman, Johanna Friedman, Laurel Hill, Elisabeth Kley, Jeremy Olson and Anne Vieux. In particular Vieux’s piece, Parallels, is a standout, large-scale piece included in the show which fits in neatly with the artist’s current ouevre.

"Daze" by Anne Viex, a participating artist in Pick One

“Daze” by Anne Viex, a participating artist in Pick One

Come out and celebrate the Regina Rex x (harbor) collaboration and check out & meet these talented artists before they start to pop up everywhere..!

(harbor) in 2013, show entitled 'de-rezzed'

previous (harbor) show ‘de-rezzed’ at the space in 2013


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