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Peter Gynd Presents Katya Grokhovsky and Taezoo Park at SPRING/BREAK

SPRING/BREAK Art Show kicks off Armory Week, with their opening tonight. Be sure to check out my friend Peter Gynd’s two curatorial projects, site-specific installations by Art Nerd friend Katya Grokhovsky and Taezoo Park. Let the games begin!

FORM & FORMLESSNESS: Objects and the Body
Curated by Peter Gynd

RM 4011 & 4013
Skylight at Moynihan Station (31st Street entrance), 307 West 31 Street, NYC at 8th Avenue

VIP VERNISSAGE: Tuesday March 3, 2015. 5pm-10pm

Wed. March 4 – Sat. March 7, Noon – 8pm
Sunday, March 8 Noon – 6pm



I am excited to be presenting two separate site-specific installations by New York based artists Katya Grokhovsky and Taezoo Park at this years SPRING/BREAK Art Show. Taking place during the famed Armory Arts Week, the theme for this years show is TRANSACTION, exploring ‘visions of and commentaries on exchange in all its forms.’

The two installations presented, though distinct in their execution and conceptual framework, are both rooted in an exploration of the scope of agency that the physical holds over the ideal and how the transactions between body and form dictate ones engagement with objects and environments.

Through playful yet grotesque gestures, Grokhovsky and Park explore the ridiculous qualities of this transaction, calling specific attention to the relationships constructed between objects and the body.

In conjunction with these installations will be two performance-for-video works by Grokhovsky and a selection of editioned interactive sculptures by Park.
Katya Grokhovsky’s work explores the body as medium and platform for the scrutiny and exploration of broader contextual roles defining gender and sociocultural identity. Often utilizing found and collected objects, the artist engages and activates her materials through performative gestures where her own body becomes both tool and subject of the work. Grokhovsky presents narratives of the dislocation between the body as object and the body as vehicle, employing the use of playful and exploratory actions to highlight the ridiculous qualities inherent to these ideals.

Comprised of technological waste, Taezoo Parks Digital Being is an interactive installation exploring a hypothesis of a consciousness in everyday electronic appliances. Digital Being engulfs the space it occupies, taking on the form of a mountain of e-waste which directly interacts with its audiences through each objects unique personality as enhanced by Park. Park hacks the machines, deconstructing them to their inner circuitry and uses each machines’ unique source code to dictate its personality with the addition of sensors, actions and peripherals. The resulting installation presents a Being whose basis for evolution of consciousness is dictated through its original form and function as an object.

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