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Peggy Loves Max

Dating artists when you are a curator or collector never works- believe you me. Yet Supercollector Peggy Guggenheim fell for Surrealist painter Max Ernst’s bohemian wiles, and the two lived in this townhouse.

Guggenheim and Ernst met in 1938, when Peggy began acquiring his works. The four times married Ernst was married to Marie-Berthe Aurenche until 1942, when he promptly married Guggenheim (although some records show they were married in 1941…the confusing marriages of the art world). By this time, Peggy had collected 40 of Ernst’s pieces. The marriage lasted until 1946, and Guggenheim fled to Italy after the divorce. Ernst then married fellow painter (and beauty) Dorthea Tanning and the couple lived in Sedona, California until his death in 1976.

Perhaps the couple was doomed from the get go, as the townhouse was called Hale House, named because it was thought to be the place Nathen Hale was hanged during the Revolutionary war.

Who: Peggy Guggenheim and Max Ernst

What: Love Nest

Where: 440 East 51st Street

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  1. @LoriZimmer says:

    Dating artists never works- believe me- Peggy Loves Max via @artnerdnewyork

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    Peggy Loves Max via @artnerdnewyork

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