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Peace & Quiet in Times Sq.

This week, a pop up pavilion occupied the space next to the dumpling food truck at the foot of the giant red TKTs stairs in Times Square. A project by Matter Practice through the Times Square Alliance, the tiny plywood and glass shed looks a little out of place in the midst of the tourist-heavy area. Called Peace & Quiet, the little shed is a place of tranquility and solitude, despite its location in one of New York’s busiest areas. Inside, civilians are invited to engage in good old fashioned conversation and story swapping with a slew of on-hand veterans, who are willing to share their stories from the front lines of war.

Outside, thousands of tourists clamor for the best Times Square picture, dozens of weirdos in filthy Elmo and Chewbacca costumes try to hug passersby for a buck, 100 foot high video screens cast colors onto the pavilion while changing from one ad to the next, and even the Naked Cowboy stomps around.

But inside, a capacity of eight people can break away from this mayhem in the most unlikely setting. But on top of that, ask a about something we have little first hand experience with: war. Personally, I don’t know any vets who were in combat. My political and military views have kept me skeptical about our country’s military involvement, and like many, I forget that real individuals fight wars, not just tanks and machines.

Today is the last day to get the chance to have your questions answered, unjudged, and to also get to know someone who you otherwise would not strike a conversation with in another setting.

Who: Matter Practice

What: Peace & Quiet

Where: 46th and Broadway, 10036

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