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Oscar Tuazon’s People

Oscar Tuazon - PeopleOne of my favorite things about public art is that it often catches us off guard and injects the element of surprise into an otherwise predictable day. Oscar Tuazon’s exhibition People does just that.

Located at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and sponsored by the Public Art Fund, Tuazon’s 3 sculptures combine things we’re used to seeing in a park and re-purposes them in surreal juxtapositions.

What appears to be a severely butchered tree is actually a water fountain or “leaking sculpture.” A closer look at a nearby handball wall reveals it’s being held in place by another tree which can also be used to shoot hoops, in theory – please don’t do that. And a third tree has reclaimed the earth, growing through the cement a cube placed on top of it.

Though not the artist’s intention, I couldn’t help but see the installation as a reflection of what little respect the human race has for nature. Trees re-purposed as basket ball hoops and light posts, or just sawed to pieces with their trunks left to rot in the ground. But that’s the beautiful thing about art. It’s ability to mean many things to many people.

Oscar Tuazon’s People is on display until October 13th.  The project is courtesy of the Public Art Fund whose mission is to bring contemporary art to the New York City masses. For more information visit

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