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Opening tonight- Kaleidoscope at Lyons Wier

July art happenings happen to happen on Mondays. Tonight, our friend Gina Martynova has work in a great summer show at Lyons Wier Gallery, with drinks by Heineken! The party starts at 6 at 542 w. 24th st.
The exhibition features over 20 emerging painters, photographers,collagists, illustrators, graffiti writers, and multimedia artists. The exhibition also includes a special live performance art
installation from multimedia artist, and Asap Rocky’s new art director, Robert Gallardo. Examining the topic of cultural appropriation, Robert is converting the annex room of the gallery into
a portal of sorts–allowing visitors to peek or kaleidoscope into contemporary millennial American culture.

Kaleidoscope A Group Print Exhibition Opens July 6th 6pm at Lyons Wier Gallery and runs through July 12th.

“KALEIDOSCOPE” features Gina Martynova’s interpretation of Kali as goddess and symbol of the pervasive, genderless, infinite, eternal truth and bliss which does not change, yet is the cause of all changes.

Inspired by Hinduism and Indian mythology, the ‘master of the universe’ is a conversation about feminism throughout civilization. Martynova explores female representation in society and the dualism that women frequently symbolize in folklore, religions and philosophies around the world.

About Gina Martynova:
Recognized as an artist and designer Gina Martynova explores women’s roles in folklore, culture and religion. Gina’s art has been featured in major publications worldwide and she continues to explore and analyze female identity in today’s culture in relationship to history.

Gina Martynova is also featured on Vimeo’s art series ‘Making Art’ produced by Brass Brothers Films.

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