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Off the Wall: Beyond the Bookcase x Ben Angotti at Mondrian Soho

Very few artists work with spray paint as sensually as Ben Angotti, which is why I’m thrilled to catch the last chance this Friday, 12/19, to view his work Icons, donning the walls at the Mondrian Soho. Angotti is participating in  their Friday night series of art meets live music, Beyond the Bookcase. Situated in the area hidden by a bookcase at the hotel’s lobby bar, at 9 pm on Friday nights the wall swings open to allow visitors inside for a sumptuous experience: an intimate encounter with art and music unexpected at a chain hotel.


Ben Angotti's work in monochrome

Ben Angotti’s work in monochrome

Most recently featuring his fantastical, whimsy-meets-realism work on a wall in Miami for Art Basel, Angotti is a Brooklyn based fine artist and street artist with a firm mastery of form and composition. That classical training doesn’t, however, preclude innovation, another feature of Angotti’s practice that draws me in. He’s fearless in approaching new mediums and formats, working from large to small, sculpture to the streets. He is a much respected painter on the Artbattles scene, sweeping the competition at home in New York City and abroad.

Angotti's Geisha Mermaid

Angotti’s Geisha Mermaid

Nothing is more fun that seeing your icons celebrating their icons. That plus a live set by LA-based artist Kelly James, and I’m excited to kick off the holiday season with one last peek beyond the bookcase.

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