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Off the Rails with Station to Station, part I

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to present a series of Art Nerd ‘On the Inside Tip’ posts by Stacy Conde! Stacy spent the better part of September 2013 on Doug Aitken’s Station to Station cross-country train and we are fortunate to have her share her behinds the scenes tour experience on Art Nerd City Guides.

One month ago this week, I was returning from an unbelievable and life changing journey from New York to Oakland aboard a vintage train with a collective of very creative, driven and talented people.  Doug Aitken’s Station to Station tour came and went in what seemed like a meteoric flash, but the memories we all have… well, those we’ll keep.  So with a little anxiety (it’s a lot to cover!) and a great deal of respect for what the whole team created, I give you: Off the Rails with Station to Station.

Friday, September 6th


Until we hit the ground in New York, the tour was basically “theoretical”: a plan on paper, which had not yet been realized.  The production team spent months planning a three-week, nine-city, nomadic cultural festival that had no pre-existing template… but once the yurts started going up and the production office was in full effect, it all became a reality.

Ernesto Neto and Kenneth Anger yurts in Brooklyn

Ernesto Neto and Kenneth Anger yurts in Brooklyn

Our 60 some-odd crew of producers, editors, photographers, engineers and directors met as a unit for the first time in New York and we couldn’t wait to get on the train; but first…  Riverfront Studios, Bklyn.

View from the STS site in Bklyn

View from the STS site in Bklyn

I was so focused on getting my part of the show done right, that I did not snap nearly enough photos.  For a view on what happened in New York, have a look here:

Olaf Breuning’s Smoke Performance started the Happening and the KC Cobras ushered the crowd into the event space.  There were many memorable moments that night.  It was the first time we witnessed our Auctioneers and Whipper, who became immediate STS tour favorites; and the Suicide performance that closed the night was one for the punk rock history books.


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