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Object to be Destroyed

I was shocked last summer when, at the Reina Sofia in Madrid, I came across Man Ray’s “Object to be Destroyed.” I’d always seen pictures of the eyeballed metronome, but imagine my surprise when I came face to face with it…did I mention its like FIVE FEET TALL? Here I always thought it was a little table top readymade sculpture.


I love the romantic/anti-romantic story behind it as well. Man Ray first made it in 1923. Then in 1932, the eye photograph was replaced with that of Man Ray’s lover, Lee Miller, when she left him to go back to New York, his obvious devastation changing the name to Indestructible Object.

He then made 100 replicas, including this giant one that scared the crap out of me!


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  1. i nearly freaked out when I encountered Man Ray’s Metronome in Madrid- had no idea it was 5 feet tall! @artnerdnewyork

  2. jeff says:

    that is so cool, and hundreds of replicas? i would love one, yet
    would be so annoying…

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