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Nicolás Aracena Müller challenges the intersection of art and design at CHAMBER

The lines between artist and designer are often blurred, but for some reason not usually discussed by the art world. Earlier this month, artist Nicolás Aracena Müller put this relationship to the test and on display at CHAMBER in West Chelsea, transforming the space into a working artist’s and craftsman’s studio. Each day, Müller could be observed in his open “studio,” using a set of self-made tools to inspire the creation of unique sculptural furniture made from reclaimed wood. Scouring the streets, dumpsters and curbsides, Müller allowed the city to dictate the scope of his creations, pulling wood scraps of all sizes, shapes and conditions that would be given new life as modern furniture pieces. The Capsule Collection, called Atalaya, exemplifies the urban environment as inspiration, resource, and studio.

CHAMBER, which opened in 2014 by Juan Garcia Mosqueda, is dedicated to challenging the relationship between design, objects and art, unafraid to question their intersection in a Chelsea gallery setting.





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