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Check out Exit Room Gallery on Thursday night from 7-11 at 270 Meserole Street. as they present Ñewmerica “The Birth of a Nation”- including work by our friends Icy & Sot!


Ñewmerica’s Inaugural Immortal Spectacle! Featuring an installation and work by: LNY, Mata Ruda, NDA, Sonni, and Icy & Sot.

“The Birth of a Nation” will feature a range of consumables by a fellowship of artists working in public space, locally and internationally. This show represents the first time the group has come together in a gallery setting, teaming up with Exitroom Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. For two weeks Exitroom’s 1500 square foot room will be transformed into a dual space, with an artist built bodega as well as a more traditional gallery space. Artworks will be diverse, with a large number of affordable painted bottles, cigarette packs, and other objects you’d find in a bodega, as well as canvases and sculptural work.

This spectacle is inspired by the ubiquitous bodega as a nexus for cultural exchange and interaction. “The Birth of a Nation” serves as a mirror reflecting the contemporary realities of communities that are constantly in flux. The bodega is the market place where all gather to eat, smoke, gossip, listen, observe, pray, dream, gamble, drink, or just chill.

Come visit us as we build a market place for cultural reappropriation.

All guests to receive one “Meta-Millions Lottery Ticket” which enters them into a raffle to win one of 3 sets of original custom made bottles by all Ñewmerica artists, or one of 5 other prizes. Raffle to take place at 10pm.


Live Music Performances by:

Steeve Sam <<<<<

Cash <<<<<

Dj KRKN <<<<<
* plus special guests and friends

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