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New KAWS Mural Hits Brooklyn

Brooklyn are you ready for more KAWS?!
The 2013 Brooklyn-based VMAs had a real hard-on for KAWS this year – who can blame them – this Brooklyn native has proven that this year is his takeover. But it’s nice to see Donnelly (“KAWS”) getting back to his roots with this street installation over at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Lafayette Avenue. The mural which portrays an extreme face close up of his character The Companion, is the newest addition to the Academy’s public arts program.

I just found out that as of this past Wednesday there should be a row of David Byrne’s Modular bike racks in front of the mural. Sweet deal.



image credit: BrooklynStreetNews

7 Responses to “New KAWS Mural Hits Brooklyn”
  1. MissSineadB says:

    “: New KAWS Mural Hits Brooklyn –” how is love to walk passed this every day!

  2. Love your first name BTW!

  3. PopCGeekOut says:

    My new Obsession is up… RT “: New KAWS Mural Hits Brooklyn –” #KAWS

  4. One “ginger” to another. lol

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