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New Directions: A Crossroads Represented at Jersey City’s 313 Gallery

Every now and then you run into an exhibit that makes you stop and re-examine your immediate environment. There are gallery shows that adhere to themes, and there are those that take on already existing themes, political, social and otherwise, and realize them to their full potential. gentrification: The Changing Landscape of Jersey City documents the recent changes in this diverse city, a long-standing cultural mecca of the New Jersey scene, commenting on significant residential and socioeconomic transitions. Sculptures, paintings and found objects combine to immerse visitors in an environment as mixed as the feelings those experiencing gentrification encounter–although these works, at least, are an unequivocal success.


gentrication: The Changing Landscape in Jersey City in-situ at 313 Gallery (photos courtesy Allison Remy Hall)

The exhibit’s successful Kickstarter campaign resulted in an audio component, allowing visitors to listen in on conversations the curator, Allison Remy Hall, had with passersby on the street when she wore a sign inviting people to talk about their experiences with gentrification. Guests can don headphones to witness these encounters. This added dimension permits guests to share in and reflect on their own experiences with the City’s changing rent prices, neighbors, restaurants and shops. The mixture of artworks spans from portraits of the City’s various neighborhoods by Daniel Joseph to landscape views of Jersey City’s streets and landmarks by Fabricio Suarez. Also notable are sculptures, including a miniature footed house, which explore the fragile intersections of polite society and profit-mongering. Exploring the show, there’s a little something for everyone who has lived in a changing municipal climate.

work by Fabricio Suarez, photo courtesy Allison Remy Hall

work by Fabricio Suarez at 313 gallery (photo courtesy Allison Remy Hall)

gentrification is a poignant show; exactly the kind needed to validate the mixed reactions that emerge in evolving residential areas. The exhibit is on view at Jersey City’s 313 Gallery  (313 3rd Street), with visiting hours from 12-5 pm. Stop by and learn more about the gallery and Downtown Jersey City’s evolving social landscape.

Crowded opening night at 313 gallery, photo Allison Remy Hall

Crowded opening night at 313 gallery (photo Allison Remy Hall)


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