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New Art Nerd Obsessions Curators!

Art Nerd is growing and we are terribly excited to tell you about our new Obsessions Curators!  We’ve enlisted some of the most curious artnerds across the globe from Berlin to New York to Philly. Please join us in welcoming these expert eyes from the realm of contemporary visual arts and art history.

Lydia Kutko

Lydia Kutko is thrilled to finally have a place to publicly obsess about art. Though she is a New York art consultant and co-founder of Artnod, she just might say her future is modeling totes, pins and other artnerd flair. We look forward to Lydia’s Obsession confessions.

Ginger Rudolph
 – I happily admit that I’m an avid art junkie – I take vacations based solely around current art exhibits. My idea of a good time includes being bested by the Louvre and kicked out of the Vatican for sneaking pictures. All this art appreciation prompted me to found the online arts mag + blog, HAHA. Now I stay in on weeknights to edit instead of party.


Monica Salazar is the founding Director of Berlin Art Link, a Berlin-based online contemporary art magazine with a focus on documented studio visits, as well as a boutique production company. An avid traveller with an expansive network in art, music and film, her concept for the company originated from her interest in bridging her body of professional experience with her passion for contemporary art.


Natalie Trainor is an art curator, educator, and writer living and working in New York City. She shares her scope of the world’s cultural pulse via Sharkbiting, a blog for artists, scenesters, collectors and the gallery addicted in NYC.


Lynzy Blair is the founder of Guns and Butter Creative, a creative agency dedicated to guiding the careers of emerging artists.  She dreams of being an art nerd super hero saving the world from the same old same old by bringing under exposed talent to the forefront for all to enjoy.  She is delighted to be given the opportunity obsess openly via the ArtNerd mother ship.

Interested in curating some personal Art Nerd obsessions yourself? Contact us at and we can chat about it.

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  1. We are thrilled to have @Art_Style @hahamag @berlin_art_link on board as New Art Nerd Obsessions Curators!

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