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Nebraska, the Beauty of Old Age, and the Midwest’s Beautiful Landscapes

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A son’s undying understanding and love for his father, Woody Grant, an old drunk who’s losing his mind and on a mission to claim his $1,000,000 prize in Lincoln, Nebraska under his own false understandings. Woody Grant is a man of few words and one facial expression. His wife, Kate, never short of a story to tell, and when push comes to shove, a similar love shown by Woody’s son David, ruthlessly exposes itself when Kate shocks family members by yelling,“You can all go fuck yourselves” when trying to claim Woody’s earnings that do not even exist. Nebraska, shot in black and white, paints a beautiful landscape of the Midwest with hauntingly bright lighting at times. Within the stills you see the stylistic similarities between the film and famous paintings from the likes of Edward Hopper and Grant Wood (ironically, the lead character’s name reversed). The film is an honest and humorous portrayal of old age and the dynamic feelings of love and hate that exist amongst one’s nuclear family and their somewhat distant relatives.

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