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Natural Selection Comes Together at Galerie Protégé

Jacob Hicks, Martyr 3, oil on panel, 24 x 18 x 1 inches.

Galerie Protégé in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood is currently presenting Natural Selection, a group show featuring work by 15 artists who present several paintings, collages, and other mixed media installations. One notable piece that truly stands out is Martyr 3, a painting by Jacob Hicks. As its title might suggest, Martyr 3 depicts a deeply religious woman with a calm, unassuming expression on her face, much like the Virgin Mary. On top of her short, curly hair is a crown surrounded by a long veil with eccentric and supernatural designs including U-shaped figures with black points on the ends. Her blouse consists of even more cosmic features including long, circular slinky-like pieces, spirals, and colorful gems resembling seashells or snails. She also wears a tassel on her forehead with two navy and light blue pieces on each side and a slightly bigger red centerpiece in between her eyebrows. Each one of her eyes shed tears illustrated by elongated, circular brown and yellow pieces with a blue and red top on each end.

Day + Waldman, Hunters Point No. 2,Acrylic, archival pigment on paper, spray paint, and graphite on panel, 24 x 20 x 1.5 in

Another notable work in the show is a collage by Beth Davila Waldman and Jennifer Day entitled Hunters Point No. 2. depicting a superfund site in San Francisco in a slanted, silver and white building.

Installation by Eleni Giannopoulou

One very poignant and meaningful installation is The Tents, by Eleni Giannopoulou featuring models of tents varying in size with some lit up, situated on the gallery floor. Giannopoulou began working on this installation after witnessing the middle east refugee crisis in her native Greece on a daily basis. She volunteered at a refugee camp and met with more than a thousand people, including children whom she entertained by playing and making art with them.

Natural Selection is on view at Galerie Protégé, 197 9th Avenue, New York, NY, through Oct. 3. The gallery is open Mon.-Sat. from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Article by Alison Martin

Photographs provided by the gallery

(L-R) “Sky” by Alfonso Oliva, and “Follow Me” by Cassandra Zampini.

(L-R) Maia Radanovic, Rodolfo Edwards and Senem Oezdogan

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