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Moonbird by Joan Miro

Before Joan Miro’s 14 foot Moonbird sat in front of the north side of the Solow Building, Sheldon Solow had an Alexander Calder mobile installed- only to see it blown over by the wind. Since the 12 foot Calder piece could’ve turned into death-by-art to passersby, the developer decided a more stabile piece would prevent an impending death zone. Solow already had a six foot copy of Moonbird in his personal collection, and when he found out there was a 14 foot bronze available, he snapped it up for the rest of New York to enjoy. It sits on a great spot, next to the beautiful windows at Bergdorf Goodman, and across from the gorgeous old glamor of the Plaza Hotel.


Who: Joan Miro

What: Moonbird

Where: 14-40 West 58th Street

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  1. Kevin Kelly says:

    A beautiful piece!

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