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#MidnightMoment- Gopi-Contagion by Shahzia Sikander

The changing of the Midnight Moment has come. The billboards in Times Square have been taken over every night for October with the crazy Gopi-Contagion by Shahzia Sikander. Hundreds of digitally animated drawings of everything from floating particles to the Hindu god Krishna float and move across the screen chaotically to create the idea of swarming, or collective behavior. See art every night for free in Times Square then head to a weird hotel bar for a night cap!


“My process is driven by my interest in exploring and rediscovering cultural and political boundaries, and using that space to create new frameworks for dialogue and visual narrative. In my work, deconstruction is not limited to the miniature-painting format; it extends to the reimagining of historical content and entrenched symbols.” – Shahzia Sikander


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